September 22, 2005

TMITM on Hold.

This project is on hold while we focus on a new, smaller independent film, "Restless Dead", a thriller with comedy best described as "Mutant Vampire Zombies from the 'Hood!"  Upon completion of "Restless Dead", we will return to our efforts to bring The Man In The Machine to the screen.

Meanwhile, Thunder Levin's sci fi epic screenplay, "2176", is being produced by Ron Shusett (Alien, Total Recall, Minority Report) and Daniel Alter (the upcoming Hitman and Isis).

November 27, 2002

Despite Delays, Work on TMITM Continues

Although our efforts at private fundraising have fallen short, production efforts continue. While still pursuing certain private funding avenues, Stormfront Films is now seeking to partner with established production companies to bring The Man In The Machine to the screen.

October 17 , 2001

New Visual Effects Producer -
Emmy winner Ronald B. Moore!

We're more pleased than we can say to announce that Ron Moore, the multiple Emmy Award-winning Visual Effects Supervisor of all the STAR TREK series from "Next Generation" to "Enterprise", and numerous Hollywood blockbusters, has joined the team!

September 23, 2001

New Concept Illustrations

Two new Coneptual Illustrations by Robert Moore have been added to the Design Art Page. These depict moments later in the film and now provide us with illustrations spanning the length of the story.

September 19, 2001

Shaunda Grace Jones -
New Casting Director

We are pleased to announce that Shaunda Jones has taken over the critical position of Casting Director, and is already moving forward to secure the stars that will bring our characters to life.

August 24, 2001

Road Trip! 

Producer Doug Nabors, Director Thunder Levin and Concept Designer Dylan Cole travelled to Flagstaff, AZ in mid-July, for preliminary location scouting.

More Updates... 

FX Animatics

Animatics Artist Shawn Fratis has delivered the Previsualization for our CG Visual Effects.




First Visual Effects Test

As we close in on production, visual fx company Horsehead Nebula has delivered their first test shot.

(Click here to see the video)

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